For many drivers, summer brings a welcome break from cold, snow and ice. Even the unavoidable road construction is bearable if the sun’s shining.  

But don’t relax too much. While summer heat is easier on heavy duty trucks than winter cold, keeping your vehicle running smoothly this season does take some work. Extra attention in a few areas will go a long way toward ensuring that summer will be trouble free. 

Cooling – High temperatures place a greater demand on the cooling system of your heavy duty truck engine. Stick to the maintenance schedule for flush-and-fills, but make sure the system is topped off with the right coolant at the correct concentration. Also, clear your radiator of any debris that could interfere with the fan or airflow.

Idling – Drivers idle trucks longer in the summer to power the AC. That can cause a harmful buildup of hydrocarbon in exhaust after-treatment devices. This can be prevented by limiting idling or using the Auto-Elevate feature, which automatically increases engine RPM to keep hydrocarbon buildup from reaching critical levels. 

Fuel – Keeping the tanks filled results in greater efficiency. Unburned fuel returning from the engine raises the temperature of the diesel, making it less efficient. A full tank will be less affected than a near-empty one.

Battery, belts and hoses – Batteries don’t die only in winter; high temperatures can stop them as well. Check batteries for cracks, corrosion and power and, as long as you’ve got the hood open, inspect the belts and hoses for bulges and wear. have you cover with all your engine part’s need. Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit engine parts for Mack, Freightliner, Kenworth, International and more.

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